I had been dying to try Reecy Roo’s for some time, so was excited to finally be able to. On arrival, I was greeted warmly by Krishna (MUA and Nail Technician – with killer fashion sense) who promptly seated me and made the appropriate arrangements to charge my vape. Just to state an inability to do so would not affect my review but how you accommodate or reject such a request is a part of customer service and an important one. Of course, it was helpful that I could charge it, but if I couldn’t, it’s how you tell me that – nobody has time for rude staff. Krishna’s cool banter made me feel right at home in the salon.


If you have grown up in London getting acrylics done on the cheap, it is a rare thing if you haven’t been to a sweatshop nail salon. Honestly the minute I got a job, I spent my time avoiding them. Which is why I’m absolutely kicking myself because I didn’t spot Reecy Roo’s earlier. Based in Camberwell, it shines, especially in comparison to other salons in the area. The nail stations are perfectly spaced, close enough to have a chat if getting a treatment with a friend, far enough away to have privacy with your nail technician. Lucky for me I managed to book a slot on a Tuesday at 3:30, meaning I didn’t have to deal with other customers, because of the way appointments are stacked during slower days. In everyday terms, the place is GAD friendly. Even in terms of interaction with the technician, it is what you want it to be.  The decor, oh my god the decor, is an urban creative’s dream from carefully selected vintage style chairs to the incredible spray art walls, celebrating the female physique and afro hair in carefully placed murals. Whether you feel like you’re the shit already or not, you will feel 20% cooler just stepping into Reecy Roo’s.


The nail art even outdoes the decor. Personally, this time, I didn’t get nail art but if you check out their Instagram @iamreecyroo you will get exactly what I mean. Originally, I was going in for acrylics, my nails had been breaking and I really wanted long nails (like they wouldn’t get in my way) but on inspection of my nail beds, Krishna advised I simply get gel and allow them to grow out. In other stores I’ve visited, manicurists have simply begun filing away and effectively destroying my original nail to overlay acrylic. However, in the long run, mashup natural nails are not a good look, especially when you’re inclined to soak acrylic off and simply put on a lick of polish. Taking this into account I followed his wise suggestion and opted for gel. Before I get my nails done, I usually know exactly what I want. With this sudden change of plan, I had no clue, so I went to the good old surprise me. Wisely Krishna checked my usual colour rage and we opted for black. He took care of my atrocious cuticles, then he really did surprise me. He carefully buffed a stunning blue-purple dust into my nails, which settled into the effect below. Like fuck me I never saw that coming. I’ve had holo-nails, glitter gel, patterns but I swear these look like magic. Sometimes they look ocean bluey-green, other times forest green with a touch of yellow gold. Magic. Serious wood-nymph/mermaid-fairy vibes.IMG_20170530_16375920170601_170706


As far as hair and Beauty I am fussy as hell. If I can spot a flaw in a service you better believe I’m going to point it out in the hope of improvement. Often, I return months or in some cases years later to see if quality has improved, with few businesses black-listed for a do not return. Reecy Roo’s is not one of these businesses and I would return (and likely will regularly), knowing I will leave pleased after receiving quality service and a manicure to die for. Let’s be honest, I doubt there’s anywhere in South London of that standard, with more than reasonable prices (for a broke student), as well as the talent to make sure you leave happy even if you don’t know what you want.



Nitty Gritty Final

Service/vibe: 4.8/5

Prices: 5/5

Time: 4.5/5

over all 95% out of 100, just go and get your nails done there ffs.



Open Tuesday-Sunday

Telephone: 0207-701-4721

Instagram: @IamReecyRoo






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