02 The Power of ‘Fuck’


Fuck is a beautiful word. Beautifully vulgar, Beautifully obscene and Beautifully emphatic.

The satisfaction of screaming fuck and releasing pent up anger and tension. A whisper under your breath before you plan your next move. Perhaps you have landed yourself in an unpleasant situation or you are about to partake in what may be the most thrilling engagement of the day. Fuck is generally the word that feels right, slipping softly from between your lips.

Fuck can also be synonymous with sex. Personally, I feel as though it removes the emotional element. You fucked, it was just sex. The raw act, nothing more. Leaving little room to romanticize (unfortunately necessary in this age).

There is the argument that you lack a developed vocabulary, if you choose to swear. In some cases, this may be true. There are other words to convey negative and positive feelings, which lack the obscenity of ‘fuck’. But do they have similar effect? Not for me. It’s having the ability to opt for a different word and still choosing the universal ‘fuck’, which makes it that much more powerful.

“You Idiot”

“You fucking idiot”

Virtually the same sentence different effect. Either way you know I think you’re an idiot, but with the second sentence, I feel better.

You might’ve guessed, this is not about ‘fuck’. It’s about how the term ‘fuck’ can make you feel. For me, it is beautifully finite and oddly freeing. It’s a good one to scream, but I tend to use it internally more than externally.

Fuck this, fuck you, fuck him, fuck her, Fuck it all.

When I use it, I know I am well and truly done with a situation. It’s time to walk away. Usually when this time comes, I no longer feel the need to be vocal. Most likely the time for conversation has passed.

The cons out-weigh the pros and It’s time to move on.

That my dears, is one of the most important things, knowing when to say fuck it and move forward. Be it a job, a relationship, a friendship.

Always keep moving forward.



*Disclaimer* My parents are Caribbean, so you better believe ‘Fuck’ does not leave my mouth in their presence.


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