01 Gin and Elderflower

Gin and Elder flower tonic or a Vodka Raspberry .  H&M and Monki . Pistachio Macaroons and Salmon Nigiri . White Roses and Orange Lilies. Baking and free falling through Netflix. Visiting the cinema alone at off peak times. The smell of fresh Bread on a Saturday morning. Receiving a pleasant package. Curling up with a captivating paperback. Hugs from tall people. The Curry Goat gravy on rice and peas.

Feel acquainted? well you should. I’ve listed some of my favorite things. The answers to the quiz questions. The basics. You’re welcome.

I’ve always written. From a small diary, to letters to my older self, to short stories and finally my last current piece. I have always written. With time we grow and evolve, stepping into our futures. I am currently stepping into mine, and in true millennial fashion, I want everything. But it’s amazing, everything feels like nothing. However, when everything is nothing, you learn an important lesson : Enjoy the little things. Satisfaction from the little things can get you through the roughest of days. By enjoying life’s smaller pleasures, you can always remember there is more. Greater pleasures that lead to extraordinary feelings. Few things are perfect, but it’s the little things that tend to be.

Rule #32 : Enjoy the little things.


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